6 Floral Trends for Your Summer Wedding

Planning your wedding in the summer season? With a fresh summer breeze and glorious sunshine, the season is rich in color and lush greenery. Why not keep your flowers in theme with the season at choose summer flowers for your wedding?

If that’s the idea, then we’ve composed a list of the best floral flowers of the season. These options will compliment nearly every wedding theme from class or vintage.

Here are 6 floral trends for your summer wedding.


Nothing says authentic summer than a bouquet of sunflowers. These flowers are easy to find and will brighten the room. Place sunflowers all over your wedding venue and ceremony to bring your wedding a true summer feel.



Daisies are often considered as the summer flower. They are bright, blooming and can withstand the heat of the summer. If you are planning to have an outdoor wedding, these flowers will bloom throughout the entire day. They also pair well with other types of flowers and wedding color motifs.


If you are looking for large blooms, look no further than the dahlia flower. Whether you plan to place the dahlias in a glass vase or a bouquet, they will ultimately create a cool look with the summer wedding theme.


The Iris flower is available in a variety of colors. This flower is especially great if you want to match your wedding color scheme. The large flower works perfectly in bouquets as they will bloom all through the event.


What we love about the hydrangea flower is how well they work by themselves and combined with peonies. Hydrangeas offer a variety of shades that are soft and subdued. Not only will they work great for summer weddings but also give off a romantic feel.

Tea Rose

Looking for a flower that is fresh but still traditional? Tea roses are your best bet. They work will in small spaces like a spot in a bouquet or hanging vases for display. Tea roses can last for hours without wilting while giving off a lovely rose scent.

What is your favorite floral trend for the summer season? Comment below and let us know!





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